Wine Assyrtiko MYTILOS - 0,75L
White unicoloured wine with strong aromas of Asyrtiko variety.
Red Wine MYTILOS - 0,75L
A multi-variety wine of Kaloliatiko varieties...



Local red variety with dense bunch with large pink roe. The wines of the variety are characterized by aromas of rose, forest fruits, cinnamon, while there is a strong presence of minerality due to the volcanic soil, which gives them, among others, a long aftertaste. This variety is also vinified as white wine (blanc de noirs) with excellent results.

Moschato of Alexandria

Although the mosquito of Alexandria, although planted in Greece only at the beginning of the 20th century, its love for the heat helped it to become perfectly acclaimed in our country and to give its brighter results to vineyards in the northeastern Aegean. Characteristics of the variety: distinctive aromas, apricot and mint notes and relatively rich body.


A red variety that produces wine grapes and table grapes, we meet it on the vineyards of the Aegean and give red dry and sweet wines. It owes its name to Fokea, Asia Minor. In Lesvos and in many areas of the Eastern Mediterranean, the name Rikara or Eri cara is used to mean black plum. The black big roe in the dense bunch gave her her second name.


On the island we come across the names Ghtoura or Vopsas because of its intense color. Its features are deep dark color, aromas of overfilled fruit, animal fragrances and moderate body, with unpretentious robust tannins. The versatile character gives her extraordinary results in Lesvos, where she is vinified together with Fokianos.