Red Wine MYTILOS - 0,75L

Red Wine MYTILOS – 0,75L

A multi-variety wine of Kaloliatiko varieties such as Rikara, Moschato and Mandilaria.

Our vines are grown in organic farms, certified by ΔΗΩ. They are found in volcanic soils near the fossil forest of Eresos – Sigri. Terraces rich in sulfur and other rocks that provide a distinctive character, far away from copy – paste recipes that circulate in the globalized market.

Our wine has a local character. This is aided by the local distinct varieties, some of which do not meet anywhere else in Greece such as the Kaloliatiko variety.

All Mytilos series wines bring nostalgic reminders, with their taste, of the East!

Portion Size

  • Bottle: 0,75L