Fig teaspoon sweet

Fig teaspoon sweet

For years, when we say sweet figs, we mean plottous, that is, these green beetles that are so beautiful in the jars.
Here we now give you another recipe for sweet figs.
Wash the figs and put them in a large saucepan along with the sugar.
Put them for a long time until the many liquids we put and evaporate with so much liquid that they cover.
We leave them covered all night.
The next day, put the pot in the fire again and pour the lard, cinnamon stick and carnation and simmer until the syrup is tight.

Note: instead of Cinnamon, we can put black or white pepper.


1 kg of ripe figs
1 kg of sugar
1 cinnamon stick and some carnation cloves
2 clams lined up


From the book “The figs of Eresos” old and new recipes with figs, from Kyriaki Kotsini.

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